About us

Desertcart understands the lack of variety when it comes to shopping for products online here in the UAE, and is also aware of the extreme costs of shipping, handling, customs and all miscellaneous expenses of bringing them in from US-based online retailers.

We have made it possible to purchase your favorite products from retailers located around the world and have them delivered to you, here in the UAE.

Not only have we made it more cost efficient to purchase products from around the globe, but have also eliminated the hassle of creating multiple accounts, registering for third-party services, subscribing to forwarding services (and paying ridiculous annual fees) and dealing with issues of shipping / handling and customs. All you do is simply place an order on our website for any product and wait for it to arrive straight to your doorstep, here in the UAE.

Thanks for browsing through our site and we hope you enjoy your shopping experience on Desertcart! *Desertcart is liable for all products delivered to the customer by Desertcart.
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